uniquity /juːˈnɪkwɪti//jʊˈnɪkwɪti/ 

The state or quality of being unique

I believe that every individual has the potential to be a super hero and make a unique impact on the world....

I also believe that every successful superhero had someone who showed them an opportunity to use their powers….and it was never too early or late.

I have been supporting people and organisations to reach their potential for over 20 years, as a strategic advisor, manager, recruiter, coach and mentor. During my career a few of things have always struck me..

The more different people and viewpoints you surround yourself with, the more options you feel you have. 

If you don't really understand yourself it can be really difficult to figure out which options are right for you.

When we scratch the surface, we typically have more in common with others than we realise.

All too often I have seen people give up on their passions because they assume they don't have the right background, feel that if you don't know the 'right people' the doors are closed or simply don't have visibility of what's out there and what companies are really looking for.

Uniquity is the culmination of my passion to ensure that everyone, whether at work, studying or at home, and irrespective of background, has access to someone or something that can show them a different way to look at themselves and the powers they already have and unveil new opportunities to use them.


  • Creating opportunities for our mentors to share with you how they discovered and use their 'powers' - to open your eyes and hopefully inspire you

  • Letting you have your say on discussion topics for our online events - topics that that are important to you - in a safe environment

  • Providing individual and group coaching if you need some help to find your passions and create a path to unlock your potential.

  • Most importantly, helping you realise that you are, in fact, already pretty super

So whether you are trying to figure out your first step, your next move or make the most of where you are now, I want to help you discover your Uniquity.


Join the network today and let us help you find your super power



Alison Williams - Uniquity Founder