What's on Offer?


The Uniquity network brings ideas to you to help you find new opportunities to be super.

It is an accessible community that is open to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and others, irrespective of where you are in your career.

Our mentors are invited from all industries and backgrounds to share their stories about how they have used their talents, to inspire you to see new ways to use your powers. Uniquity Voices events We make sure our we cover what you want to know, not just what we want to say - so to make it your network, we need your participation!

Why the quiz? Its a fun way of looking at yourself in a new way and finding something in common with people you may never have expected! Take the super power quiz and find out yours.


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Do you need some support to kick start your journey, keep up the momentum or explore new possibilities?

I can work with you to help you understand yourself better; enabling you to see new opportunities aligned to your powers and passions and creating a realistic plan to capture them.

Everybody is different which is why it has to start with a conversation to understand what you are looking for, what kind of support I can provide and how we can tailor something that's right for you.

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Group sessions can be a great way to help people recognise each others powers, build self esteem and find new ways to work together.


Regular working in groups can also create a powerful peer support network to help you achieve personal and shared goals.

The plan is to open this up to any group, whether at work, in school or more local groups who could benefit from seeing their powers in a new light - raising self esteem, seeing opportunities and getting support from peers.

Contact me to arrange a chat for more information or to discuss what you are looking for