Our Uniquity Voices events are at the heart of the network - where you get to hear from our mentors their perspectives on topics that are important to them and to you, and also maybe some viewpoints that you hadn't considered before. 


Join your fellow members for our 30 / 60 minute online sessions with our mentors...to just talk!


The topics that you have told us that you want to talk about. 


Our suggested discussion topics based on our mentors specialities or current hot topics

Let us know at the end of the session, and we'll incorporate into future events


So, why not have a look at our upcoming events and see if there are any topics you are interested in, and get signed up! If its full, just add your name to the wait-list and we'll be in touch if a space comes free.

Looking forward to getting inspired!

P.S. When you register you will need to enter your details, even if you are signed up (working on it!) - or you can invite a guest! 

No upcoming events at the moment