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Our Uniquity mentors are what makes our Network amazing.

They each have their own unique story based on a broad range of backgrounds, experiences and careers, however the one thing that they all have in common is a passion for people. Each and every one of them, at some time have shared a precious nugget with me on my journey and unquestionably to countless others. Now they are supporting our Uniquity events to share their stories, learnings and experiences to help you to see and develop your talents. 

Say hello to our very own bunch of fully-fledged superheroes!

  • Graham F

    I am self employed and passionate about empowering people to achieve positive  change in their lives. 

    Before running my own business I worked in local authorities and charities, managed creative projects for young people, including running successful DJ courses, music technology workshops and a weekly radio show.


    I now run two businesses supporting people to present their own cases in family courts and coaching people to overcome "blocks" in self perception

  • Julia B

    Having experienced the power of coaching as a client, I recognised that this was something I wanted to share, and empower others to feel and achieve the same. I spent most of my career working in a large global company as a Business/Process Analyst, during which time I mentored within my field of expertise.  Receiving encouraging feedback and seeing the flourishing Process Analysts has now led me to embark on my own journey of becoming an accredited Coach/Mentor

  • Kevin J

    I have enjoyed a 40 year career working internationally across several industries and specialisations, including roles in senior line management, sales, operations and consulting. I have always been motivated by two things: succeeding myself, and making a difference to the people and organisations I am with. I draw my energy from working with other people and, during that time, have coached and mentored clients and colleagues, as well as being coached and mentored myself.

  • Chris L

    I am a board level advisor, operational leader and business developer, with a career working in professional services organisations and a strong background in the media and education sectors. I have experience leading multicultural and cross-functional teams, to define, evaluate and deliver transformational change amd embracing the potential of digital. Interest in helping not for profit organisations balance public service and commercial objectives and deliver greater overall public value from their services 

  • Henry

    My passion is for creating a world where a happy workplace is the norm and not the exception. We should all find joy at work and be able to fulfil our potential.


    Personally I have been running Happy for 31 years and am currently Chief Happiness Officer. Before that I tried, with colleagues, to set up a national Sunday newspaper from scratch. It didn’t go well!

  • Kevin C

    I have worked in the finance sector for over 30 years specialising in developing businesses and creating innovative solutions for complex problems in the industry. I run a boutique advisory business helping organisations targeting the Fintech sector develop and grow their businesses. I am deeply engaged in mentoring roles at a number of technology hubs and accelerators including Barclays Accelerator, and sit on the boards of a number of companies in the sector as NED. 

  • Ambrish

    Husband | Father | Friend | Business Professional and thought leader that is obsessed about people and pursuing a range of passions

  • Nigel

    An experienced change management professional with over 20 years experience working across both the private and public sectors. 


    Passionate about leadership, self development, harnessing and developing new talent in the change management space but most importantly - empowering myself and others to evolve and realise their true life passion

  • Lisa P

    I have over 30 years experience within the retail sector. I've worked in store design, training and development, events, marketing as well as product and packaging design over the years. In 2016 I was made redundant from my corporate role and took the opportunity to launch my own jewellery business online which has allowed me to take my career into a completely new direction. I have discovered the truth behind the saying "when you do something you're passionate about for a living it doesn't feel like work"

  • David C

    I'm a Purpose-powered entrepreneurial leader on a mission to adapt things and people to the world we find ourselves in.

    30 years in business, 20 years in digital, 10 in consulting, I've led startups and I have experience working in large blue chips, agencies and consultancies.

    I'm also a published author

  • Shubs

    I have worked as a transformation leader in the banking sector for 20 years both as external consultant and within large global banks. I am passionate about sustainable change and believe in carrying people with you through the change journey.

    I was away from corporate life for several years when my children were young and am proud that I could transition back in with relative ease. For that, I am ever grateful to those individuals who have been my formal and informal mentors throughout my career.

  • Rory


  • Shobana


  • Donna-Marie


  • Dave S


  • Sukhdeep


  • Art


  • Jappy


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