Are you hiding your light...?

I was thinking about the phrase hiding your light under a bushel - the idea that we might have something amazing about us that we hide away from the rest of the world, or maybe just a select bunch.

Its biblical source says it pretty plainly - basically, you wouldn't light a lamp and put it under a basket - you'd put it on a stand so it could light up the house.

So why on earth do we not always let our own lights shine brightly so that everyone can see our 'good works'?

Sometimes it can be a about modesty or being humble - not wanting to feel boastful about what you are good at - especially if in the presence of others who may not (or you perceive do not) have the same strengths as you.

It could be about not standing out - wanting to be one of the crowd and not calling out anything that makes you feel different, exceptional or even exposed.

Other times it can be how we are made to feel about the light we are projecting - our light is not always appreciated or valued by others; maybe they don't know what to do with it, or maybe they simply want to dim your light a little so theirs can shine a little brighter - that's reality!

The bottom line is, that to be the best version of you, you need to realise that you have your own personal shining light...every single one of us does, so find it.

Second, recognise that you are cheating the planet if you hide it - if you are someone who feels boastful about beaming out, maybe think of all the people who you are depriving of that warm inspiring glow that you are harbouring

Lastly, if someone is dimming your glow - just take one step to the right (or left) and escape their shadow - if your environment is not letting you shine - move!

Shine bright


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