It’s not the job that makes you great; it’s YOU!

In an ever changing market place where old job titles are disappearing and mystical new ones are emerging, we can’t always rely on having done the ‘same job’ before to prove we are a good fit. It’s the same if we are looking for a change in direction.

Yes, you might have to learn some new skills, but the I believe that the essence of what will make you great at a job isn’t only your mastery in a particular subject but the personal traits and aptitudes you use to apply it.

A good policeman has a knowledge of the law; a great one can read situations and adapt their engagement style accordingly to diffuse situations

A good nurse has a knowledge of biology; a great one can empathise and engage with people to make them feel at ease

A good salesperson has a knowledge of the product or service they are selling; a great one is an active listener who can pick up on the key needs of a client and tailor the solution to address it

A good teacher has a knowledge of their subject; a great one is an impactful communicator who can inspire and excite minds

A good musician knows how to play an instrument; a great one knows how to rouse emotion in an audience

My belief is that it’s the less tangible, sometime innate, qualities that make the difference. ‘But you can learn those too’ I hear you cry. Yes, that’s true – however I believe those who have an innate propensity to operate in a certain way, move beyond being skilled to being passionate, and its passion that connects you to others and makes you great.

So if you’re looking for a change, yes consider your experience, but also think about what makes you great in your job. It’s incumbent on you to put your best self forward– so you better know what stokes you up and makes you great!

If you are looking for someone to join your team, decide how important it is to tick off the list of what might make them good versus demonstrating why they’d be great; it’s about balance.

By blending what one needs to ‘do’ or ‘know', and ‘how’ you actually do it, you might find that you can spread that net just a little bit wider and look beyond the obvious opportunities that look good, to the ones that might be truly great.


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